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Advanced Modeling & Personal Development Complete Course Details


Advanced Modeling & Personal Development 

As a career, or as an extension of your personal development, this advanced modeling course provides in-depth professional training and direction required to achieve your goals. The discipline, knowledge and attitudes acquired through training to be a model are invaluable in any career, business or social context. The course is complete with binder, lifetime membership and certificate upon completion of the training.

 Here are the important life skills you will develop:


 The Runway Model

- History of Modelling                                               - Model Classifications

- Expressions/Smiles/Personality                              - Advanced Turns                    

- Double/Triples/Group Modeling                            - Coats/Accessories/Props

- Runway Attitudes/Style & Presentation                - Runway Formats

- Models Wardrobe & Tote Bag/Fashion Report    - Fashion Show Etiquette

- Wholesale & Promotional Modeling                      - Make-up/Hair Styling

- Informal Tearoom


The Actor

- Acting for Film and TV Commercials              - Foundation Skills of Acting

- Auditioning Techniques                                     - Set Techniques - Acting the Part 

- The Business of the Business of Acting            - Set Etiquette


The Print Model

- Industry Logo                                                     - Guide for Promotional Tools

- Photos/Composites/Portfolios                           - Test#1 Slide Shoot

- Fundamentals of Posing/Photo Movement


The Business of Modeling

- Function & Responsibility of Your Agency    - Responsibilities of the Model

- Career Planning/Investing in Your Career     - Booking/Fittings/Rehearsals

- Conventions/Competitions                               - Test#2 - Professional Photo Shoot

- Exam/Grad Prep                                               - Graduation Showcase


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