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Model & Acting Roster

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                                            PIZZAZZ MODEL ROSTER


                     Chantal                       Alison                           Bryanna


                     Tessa                          Cassidy                         Rachel


                    Ashlin                            Taylor                           Kira



                     Ecko                                   Ashley                                  Nicole


                       Kayla                              Maddison                             Haley                                                          



                 Isabel                               Milissa                               Jayme


              Tyrell                                    Minisha                                  RJ




                   Catherine                                Barb                                       Donna   


                   Lynn                                          Elaine                                 Harmoney


                    Marie                                      Maureen                                 Vanessa                            



                    Jesse                                   Alex                                     Joel                                  

Pizzazz Models are working in major fashion centres around the world, such as New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and Germany. Many have used Pizzazz as a stepping stone to successful film, stage and music careers throughout Europe & North America. 

Pizzazz professionally trains anyone interested in Modeling or Acting.

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