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                 Pizzazz -  Where Models and Role Models Become One

"To strive to give back to one's community and those in it who also need encouragement and support to achieve all they can. 

"It's great to be a Model, it's even better to be a Role Model". Dale Harding

Pizzazz has a Mission...

Educating our Models! Impressing upon all our participants, young and mature, male and female, the values of being a "good life" role model. Embracing and sharing our love of life, compassion and respect for not only oneself but for others. Pizzazz Models know that being a positive influence and overall good person is not just for the runway, onset for TV, Film and Print ads but should be a reflection for who you are in everyday life.

At Pizzazz we educate our models in the latest techniques needed to succeed in the modeling/talent industry and at the same time place high emphasis on the importance of balance. Living, giving, and treating all we meet with the love and respect we in turn expect from others. Pizzazz is dedicated in teaching these fundamental aspects that are the foundation that is needed to be successful in this business and all business.

All participants have a ROLE - to inspire and to be inspired by those they share their time and efforts with. We encourage and expect all Pizzazz graduates to remember their success came from the love generosity and support of their family, friends, community, instructors and sponsors who have provided them with the guidance they needed on their journey of complete personal and professional growth.

With Pizzazz, you are not just learning to be a Model but a Role Model for life


Dale Harding, 

Founder & President of Pizzazz International


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